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A Note from the author- Elizabeth Franklin
I'm so excited about this new series for time management for kids! Having written time management curriculum and conducting workshops for years, I think this is my favorite venue ever. This fictional character brings real solutions to children with problems like always being late, distractions, procrastination and almost any time challenge a child might face. So many young people are time challenged! The Time Doctor will help establish good time habits early- grooming a new generation for success and greatness!

Teaching about time to empower children and youth has been my life passion.  Time workshops and written curriculum works well for older children and teens, but I have been searching for a way to reach the very young child with a meaningful time tool.  This Time Doctor series is such a great way to present complex truths to very young children in a storybook format.

This lovable little time-faced character has real solutions for time management problems that real children face every day.  Whether your child has problems with being late, disorganization, or procrastination; invite The Time Doctor into your house today!  He will have just the right prescription to empower your child to greatness!

Be sure to visitwww.Time2BGreat.comfor TIME 4 KIDS and TEENS time management self-help workbooks for older children and teens!